Spires, mesas and deep secluded canyons form the rugged landscape surrounding Sedona. Sedona has a rich, ancient history well beyond the bustling downtown area.

Explore these canyons and 700 year old cliff dwellings from the air without even leaving a footprint.

Lifting off the airport mesa heading northwest bound we cruise towards Devil’s Bridge and into Secret Canyon. We will explore the pristine wilderness as we climb up onto the Mogollon Rim, then descend back down through Boynton Canyon where we will gaze upon ancient Sinaqua Indian cliff dwellings along the way.

Lap children under two are free. Private tours are available with guaranteed window seat.

Operated by Guidance Air Service, LLC under Air Carrier Certificate # 2G7A680N


20–25 min

Starting Price


Price per person plus tax and fees. Weight restrictions do apply.

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