There is no doubt that the best way to see a place is from a helicopter. Whether you are just visiting a scenic spot or are a long-time local, the view is always wildly different from the air.

A Robinson R66.
The Robinson R66 has a well deserved reputation as a work horse. They’re versatile and quite powerful for their relatively small size. Photo from

However, not all aircraft are created equal: some helicopters have a better view than others, and many of the aircraft chosen for tour operations, while perfectly capable and safe, actually make only mediocre tour helicopters.

We’ve all heard the stories about someone who was super excited to go on a helicopter tour only to be seated in the back middle seat with literally no forward view and only glimpses out the side window as they try to look past their neighbor’s head.

A tour review headline, "Don't get stuck in the middle!"
Responses like this one are all too common. A lot of helicopters offer limited visibility from certain seats.

At Guidance Air in Sedona, we fly Robinson helicopters, specifically the R44 and R66, which have unrivaled views.

When you take a tour in the R44 (our 4 seat helicopter), every seat is a window seat. And the rear middle seat of the R66 (our 5 seat helicopter) is positioned slightly forward of the other two rear seats. What’s more, there’s no forward divider in the cabin of either aircraft, so the view out of the front is almost completely unobstructed.

Checkout the view from inside a Robinson R66
Checkout the view from inside a Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 and R66 series helicopters have a well-deserved reputation as first-class aircraft for training pilots, but it just so happens that they also make exceptional tour helicopters.

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